Day 46,Tuesday, Nov 6, Columbus Ohio, 9652 miles, 420 to go

In brief...

Drove from Terre Haute to Indianapolis. East drive in good weather.

Decided to visit my lovely ex-wife, Connie, who lived just two miles from where I closed the loop on this trip. Symbolic. My intended-one-hour visit morphed into three, so, after restocking from Connie's cupboard and pantry, we got on our way, deciding to forfeit my ritual visit to James Dean's hometown of Fairmount.

Decided to make time on the road and head to Columbus instead of camping in John Bryan State Park, where we camped on Day 2. Making time on the road is more important now than another night of tenting. Driving I-70 in the day was a charm compared to last night. Even driving it in the dark for two hours was welcome.

Ended up at a convenient Motel 6 in Columbus. Donner went right for the big dog bed they put out for him and did not move the entire night.

Tomorrow, we can go straight home to DC, or i can hang out for two days at one of two cabins in West Virginia i like to unwind from my trips. I will decide in the morning. This will give true meaning to my playing, Take Me Hime, Country Road.

Ed and Donner

My pesky check engine light came on during the drive today. I looked closely to make sure it did not say CHUCK ENGINE, as happened on OTR-8 on the Alaska highway. Lucky me that this happened 420 miles from home and not 5000 like in 2016.