Index and summary of the trip

I am just getting around to preparing a chronological index for this OTR9 blog and then the summary of the trip. I hope to have the index finished by early next week. The index will be in chronological order starting from the first day of the trip, instead of the reverse chronological order that the blog now appears in.

I also hope to get around to writing up my six expeditions in Alaska and Russia in the 90s, and reconstructed blogs for the first three road trips in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Finally, I hope to start some serious planning for a trip this year starting next week. My ambitious self tells me that I should do a trip that encompasses the outline of all my trips, that is, from DC to the end of the road in Labrador, across Canada to the Arctic Ocean in Canada and then in Alaska, and then back home again by way of the West Coast, the southwestern states, and finally the southeastern states, which I have not yet visited. I set out to do something like this once before in 2011, but my plans got interrupted so we had to head back home. That having been said, the rational me says that that would probably be overdoing it, and so I will probably settle for something less ambitious but more rational. Of course, what I would really like to do is to head back to Russia to take that long-postponed road trip across Siberia from Vladivostok to Saint Petersburg, but under the present circumstances, I don't think that would be a good idea. I hate torture.