Mon, Sept 3, 2018...Checklist

To avoid the inevitable slip ups that will occur unless I have a checklist, I prepare a checklist for the campsite and Defender.  Most of these things I do by memory, but occasionally I go down the list item by item.  So far, this checklist has served me well over eight trips, more than 300 days and 120,000 miles.


On the Road 2018



□Sweep campsite thoroughly

□Sweep beyond the camp

□Left anything anywhere else (e.g., laundry)

□Defender serviced, clean 

□ Plan for Day, review maps

□ Forget to do anything here

□ Everything secured on Defender

□ Check for things on, under, around Defender

□ Sweep camp one more time

□ Every organized in Defender

□ Maps and plans in place

□ Log Entry

□ Check out


□ Everything secured on/around/under Defender?

□ Left and rear doors secured

□ Gate on rear secured?

□ Gas cap on?

□ Rear view mirrors in place?

□ Enough fuel, oil, water?

□ Forget to buy/do anything?

□ Forget anything? (Leashes, dog bowls, etc.)

□ Got wallet and credit cards?

□ Everything secured in cabin?

□ My door closed?


□Belts and hoses,

□Fluids: oil; antifreeze; brake; gurling; windshield



□Gas Cap on

□Tire pressure

□Windows cleaned

□Gear secure on roof

□Equipment secure

□Side mirrors out

□Side/rear windows secure

□Hood, bumpers clear

□Side running boards clear

□Rear Bumper, light clear

□Ground clear

□Trash empty

□Defender cleaned

□Fuel level (in jerry can too?)

□ Battery charger charged?

□ Sufficient supply oil, antifreeze

□ Ladder secured on rear?